So depending on what you're looking for, I'll try to make things easy to find. Some of the main searches are right here in the navigation bar - bio, teaching, newest cd and reviews. Audio clips are listed at the bottom of the page.
For my performing schedule, just use the reverbnation site

For now I'll use my facebook page for photos and will add photos here later on. Specifically, here are musical friends!

There are links for the
videosthat will be list here. The music links will be listed at the bottom of this page although I'll be putting new things up on this music page and the older things will be on other websites.
Griffanzo youtube channel
​The above link takes you to my youtube channel.
here are a few of the recommended videos.

Girl #0024
Katrina, Katrina

Dubya Speak

Cat's Cradle show playlist

On the Nickel

So for the audio clips - they are going to be on several of my other sites as follows.

On the reverbnation site you will find audio clips for the latest cd's, my own "Ain't My Kinda Strange" and a collaboration with french chanteuse, Tania Carl entitled "Pour Toi" and of course"I Mighta Lied To You Yesterday"   And now I have added clips from an old cd with my friend Carter Minor called "Blue Spot In C Minor"

Demo of Original Jazz  is a recent addition just for some older original jazz tunes recorded with friend Hank West on trumpet & sax

On - use the music tab at the top of that page and there are clips for the following cds:
North Carolina - A State of Music
a solo piano creation
Blue Spot In C Minor
a jazz quartet with Carter Minor
Katherine Whalen's Jazz Squad
a Squirrel Nut Zippers spinoff with Katharine doing some of her best work
also clips for my Dixieland band, Carter Minor and Tim Smith

The site no longer supports audio so I will have to find a new home for solo piano, trios, a christmas demo, some older soundtrack clips as well as great singer such as Taz Halloween and Leslie Weaver.
​ But on this site you will find lyrics and list of performers for all the songs on the "Ain't My Kinda Strange" cd and other info!

In addition is a breakdown of the 19 performers on the "Dubya Speak" track including lyrics from the master of low expectations himself.

If you have any questions or suggestions for this site please email at the following address now get out there and have a good time will ya!!